actors spend a majority of their time trying to convince people that they are someone (or something) else. after pondering that sentence for a few moments, I have come to the following conclusion: actors are just incredibly good liars (or, at least, that’s what some of them strive to become). agree? disagree? why?

why, oh why, won’t you let me feed you?

I admit it, I am notoriously bad at visiting websites on a regular basis unless I know there will be something new there to pique my interests, so I’ve decided to add each of the websites in my blogroll list to my feed reader so I can see who’s updated and visit more often. But [...]

Iris, my dear

Well, in my recent adventures I’ve happened upon a new blog (one of my favorite pastimes – so don’t forget to let me know where your blog is if you leave a comment) and I just ‘met’ Iris. Iris feels alone right now. Although I like kissing strangers, I am not without emotion and Iris’ [...]

fame, fortune, and paparazzi

i’m usually not one to go eyeballing anyone I happen to see on t.v. or on the silver screen, but last Friday I was watching the new episode of Stargate Atlantis and then I saw him…the new character – Ronon Dex. Even when this dude is eating with his fingers and looking like he just [...]

mmmm yummy

Frosted Mini Wheats and Cheddar Cheese French Fries and Vanilla Ice Cream (preferably of the McDonald’s variety) Peanut Butter and Bacon (preferably of the sandwich variety) food is a lot like people – some of the most unexpected combinations work so well together. you just need an open mind and a willingness to try new [...]

learn to say thank you people!

It seems that manners are so passée to a great many people. Call me old fashioned, but I like to say thank you. I like to acknowledge the niceties that others do for me with a heart felt thank you (thank you for reading this). Even if someone does me wrong, if they correct their [...]

go ahead – be nosey

It is our birthright to know what goes on in the lives of everyone else on this planet, isn’t it? So why do people get so mad when they find you staked out behind their house with super zoom night vision goggles snapping away with a high powered digital camera? While I won’t admit to [...]

pondering gynecology

There just seems to be something really off with having a guy, other than the beau of the moment, poking around my stash with a cold metal object hoping to find something (pot of gold maybe?). Why do men even become gynecologists? Are they that enamored by female genitalia that they want to stare at [...]