Iris, my dear

Well, in my recent adventures I’ve happened upon a new blog (one of my favorite pastimes – so don’t forget to let me know where your blog is if you leave a comment) and I just ‘met’ Iris. Iris feels alone right now. Although I like kissing strangers, I am not without emotion and Iris’ [...]

one for the men

if you want us to stop being so damn emotional – your only recourse is to keep us in a perpetual state of orgasmic bliss. perpetual state of orgasmic bliss. got that? good.

fame, fortune, and paparazzi

i’m usually not one to go eyeballing anyone I happen to see on t.v. or on the silver screen, but last Friday I was watching the new episode of Stargate Atlantis and then I saw him…the new character – Ronon Dex. Even when this dude is eating with his fingers and looking like he just [...]

face to face, blog style

this blog is fairly new (started just this week), however, I’ve been blogging for a while now — so I have some friendly blog advice for all of you: make sure you don’t say anything about anyone that you wouldn’t say to their face – it will inevitably get back to them and in a [...]

the art of manipulation – part deux

so, we’ve already established that manipulation is sweet and covered the 3 basic steps of manipulation, it’s only reasonable that an example should follow. scenario: the beau of the moment has just presented you with a beautiful new dress as an “I am totally enchanted by you” gift. let the manipulation begin: since he’s human [...]

the art of manipulation

oh yes, manipulation is sweet. First rule: know that the person you want to manipulate is human. Second rule: know that humans have egos and 99% of them cater to ego. Third (and final) rule: cater to that ego – get what you want. …and you didn’t even have to spend $15 on a book [...]

fastest way to make a man paranoid

Tell him you’re going to have a night out with the girls and give him the “you know we’ll most likely be talking about the size of your penis behind your back” look. Ladies: that is my friendly tip of the day.