why, oh why, won’t you let me feed you?

I admit it, I am notoriously bad at visiting websites on a regular basis unless I know there will be something new there to pique my interests, so I’ve decided to add each of the websites in my blogroll list to my feed reader so I can see who’s updated and visit more often. But [...]

playing games

It’s bright and early in the morning and I feel like playing games…you have Janet to thank for this. 1) Put your name in my comments, and I’ll respond with something random about you (I’ll respond in the comments section, so you’ll have to check back). 2) I’ll tell you what song or movie reminds [...]

we always remember our first…

well, in this case, I’m talking about the first search phrase someone used to find this website — women kissing but because it was so good the first time, the searchers, of course, had to try some variations: kissing men women kissing kissing ladies men kissing men am I bisexual quiz kissing foot lady just [...]

Iris, my dear

Well, in my recent adventures I’ve happened upon a new blog (one of my favorite pastimes – so don’t forget to let me know where your blog is if you leave a comment) and I just ‘met’ Iris. Iris feels alone right now. Although I like kissing strangers, I am not without emotion and Iris’ [...]

one for the men

if you want us to stop being so damn emotional – your only recourse is to keep us in a perpetual state of orgasmic bliss. perpetual state of orgasmic bliss. got that? good.

fame, fortune, and paparazzi

i’m usually not one to go eyeballing anyone I happen to see on t.v. or on the silver screen, but last Friday I was watching the new episode of Stargate Atlantis and then I saw him…the new character – Ronon Dex. Even when this dude is eating with his fingers and looking like he just [...]

mmmm yummy

Frosted Mini Wheats and Cheddar Cheese French Fries and Vanilla Ice Cream (preferably of the McDonald’s variety) Peanut Butter and Bacon (preferably of the sandwich variety) food is a lot like people – some of the most unexpected combinations work so well together. you just need an open mind and a willingness to try new [...]

learn to say thank you people!

It seems that manners are so passée to a great many people. Call me old fashioned, but I like to say thank you. I like to acknowledge the niceties that others do for me with a heart felt thank you (thank you for reading this). Even if someone does me wrong, if they correct their [...]

face to face, blog style

this blog is fairly new (started just this week), however, I’ve been blogging for a while now — so I have some friendly blog advice for all of you: make sure you don’t say anything about anyone that you wouldn’t say to their face – it will inevitably get back to them and in a [...]

the art of manipulation – part deux

so, we’ve already established that manipulation is sweet and covered the 3 basic steps of manipulation, it’s only reasonable that an example should follow. scenario: the beau of the moment has just presented you with a beautiful new dress as an “I am totally enchanted by you” gift. let the manipulation begin: since he’s human [...]

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