i’m usually not one to go eyeballing anyone I happen to see on t.v. or on the silver screen, but last Friday I was watching the new episode of Stargate Atlantis and then I saw him…the new character – Ronon Dex.

Jason Momoa as Ronon Dex - photo courtesy of Sci Fi

Even when this dude is eating with his fingers and looking like he just stepped out of the stone ages 30 seconds prior, it didn’t even phase me, it just made me wish I was one of his fingers.

there really should be some sort of law against looking so good you make women (namely the Kissing Bandit) want to crawl through the t.v. set and do many naughty things.

although i am fairly sure he’d have a hard time explaining to law enforcement that he was the victim of a drive by banging when he finally did wake up confused and disoriented.

but let’s get back to the topic at hand. my many naughty thoughts got me to thinking — it must feel mighty funny to suddenly have a bunch of strangers undressing you with their minds and having their way with you.

one minute the only ones who knew your name included your family and possibly a few people who thought you were ‘hot as hell’ in high school…then all of a sudden, every other website is oooing and aaaahing over how sexy you are and next thing you know, you have a potential stalker club.

how would you deal with it — could you deal with it? what exactly would it feel like?

(on a completely unrelated note – it truly is a shame when a third party fan site looks a million times better than your official site…if you ever do become famous, hire a good web designer, that’s my helpful hint for the day.)