It is our birthright to know what goes on in the lives of everyone else on this planet, isn’t it? So why do people get so mad when they find you staked out behind their house with super zoom night vision goggles snapping away with a high powered digital camera?

While I won’t admit to being the person with the super zoom night vision goggles, I will say that I know a few of them, and let me tell you — folks are not as friendly as they used to be. I remember a time when a girl could be stalked in peace, now it’s a restraining order here and a restraining order there.

I mean c’mon people, curiosity is human nature and there’s no circumventing it, so just accept that you have no privacy and there’s probably someone lurking in the bushes outside your window watching you surf the internet right now.

I have. But, I’ve adopted the more old fashioned ‘ask me and I’ll answer’ philosophy…so, if at any time you have a question, ask me and I’ll answer (be forewarned, ‘none of your business’ is a valid answer).