It seems that manners are so passée to a great many people. Call me old fashioned, but I like to say thank you. I like to acknowledge the niceties that others do for me with a heart felt thank you (thank you for reading this).

Even if someone does me wrong, if they correct their error, I’ll still reward them with a big ol’ thank you — a thank you for realizing the mistake and a thank you for making it right… (hey, it takes a lot of strength to humble oneself and admit to being wrong)

Believe it or not, thank you’s make people feel good. It makes them feel acknowledged and accepted. Not saying thank you (especially when the person is truly deserving of it) can make a person feel rejected and ignored.

So I ask you wonderful folks – do you remember to say thank you? Who do you need to say thank you to and why haven’t you said it yet?