So, despite my haphazardly guessing at the answers to this quiz, apparently I’m dyke-savvy.

you are 64 % dyke-o-licious!

congrats! you are what some people might refer to as a ‘metro-sexual’, being obviously more well-read in lesbian culture than the average bloke. if you are a girl, you probably wear a lot of hoodies, bandanas, and the occasional pair of baggy cargo pants. you are either lesbian/bisexual, or you are often mistaken for one. if you are straight, you have a lot of dyke friends, who undoubtedly have crushes on you because you are familiar with their culture while simultaneously representing a challenge. if you are a dude, you are an exceptionally cool dude by my standards, and you very well could be bisexual or gay. in any case, may you always be blessed with the good favor of dyke-goddess artemis and her troop of scantily-clad, sexy lil’ nymphs.

dyke savvy

I chalk it up to that one time I kissed a girl while drunk, then later found out she was really a lesbian. I have Starr to thank for pointing me in the direction of this quiz.