the art of manipulation

oh yes, manipulation is sweet. First rule: know that the person you want to manipulate is human. Second rule: know that humans have egos and 99% of them cater to ego. Third (and final) rule: cater to that ego – get what you want. …and you didn’t even have to spend $15 on a book [...]

fastest way to make a man paranoid

Tell him you’re going to have a night out with the girls and give him the “you know we’ll most likely be talking about the size of your penis behind your back” look. Ladies: that is my friendly tip of the day.

go ahead – be nosey

It is our birthright to know what goes on in the lives of everyone else on this planet, isn’t it? So why do people get so mad when they find you staked out behind their house with super zoom night vision goggles snapping away with a high powered digital camera? While I won’t admit to [...]

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