pondering gynecology

There just seems to be something really off with having a guy, other than the beau of the moment, poking around my stash with a cold metal object hoping to find something (pot of gold maybe?). Why do men even become gynecologists? Are they that enamored by female genitalia that they want to stare at [...]

hardest damn online quiz I’ve ever had to take

So, despite my haphazardly guessing at the answers to this quiz, apparently I’m dyke-savvy. dyke-savvy you are 64 % dyke-o-licious! congrats! you are what some people might refer to as a ‘metro-sexual’, being obviously more well-read in lesbian culture than the average bloke. if you are a girl, you probably wear a lot of hoodies, [...]

Welcome to Kissing Strangers

I probably should put something profound in here because it’s technically the first post on this blog, but I’ve got nothing. This is just a place for me to vent online without censorship – yep, you’re getting the pure unadulterated thoughts here folks, it may not always be pretty or yummy though, so brace yourself. [...]