Dear Guy Who Works at My Gym

Dear guy who works at my gym, I think you’re adorable. In fact, I’ve even entertained the idea of mounting you and riding you bare back in a lusty dream or two. However, your innuendos are rather ambiguous. All of sudden, it seems you’ve take a particular liking to me. You make it a point [...]

fame, fortune, and paparazzi

i’m usually not one to go eyeballing anyone I happen to see on t.v. or on the silver screen, but last Friday I was watching the new episode of Stargate Atlantis and then I saw him…the new character – Ronon Dex. Even when this dude is eating with his fingers and looking like he just [...]

Welcome to Kissing Strangers

I probably should put something profound in here because it’s technically the first post on this blog, but I’ve got nothing. This is just a place for me to vent online without censorship – yep, you’re getting the pure unadulterated thoughts here folks, it may not always be pretty or yummy though, so brace yourself. [...]